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At Acquire Strategic Advisers, we take a holistic approach to your financial well being and believe in protecting your family and respective assets and liabilities position.

Strategic Advisers can provide you and your family with a tailored basic or a comprehensive risk strategy that is suited to your current circumstances and also provide an annual review to ensure that your policies always remain relevant to your current situation. Acquire Strategic Advisers can also ensure that your policies are structured tax effectively.

We understand that premiums can sometimes be expensive but can ensure they are structured such that your cash flow is not affected to a degree that works against your living requirements. Whether you are an employee, self employed or an employer requiring key person or a comprehensive buy/sell strategy, Acquire Strategic Advisers has the expertise and professionalism to meet your personal protection requirements.

Key questions worth addressing are;

  • Do you have enough Life Insurance to cover your outstanding level of Debt?
  • Do you have Income Protection in place to protect against the inability to return to work and earn a wage?
  • Many providers allow you to fund some or all of your personal insurances through super. Are you paying insurance premiums through an appropriate vehicle?
  • Have you ensured that your family is protected in the event that a life changing event was to occur?
  • Do you have your insurances reviewed annually to ensure you have a high quality of policy at affordable premiums?

If you answered no to any questions above, we recommend you seek advice from Acquire Strategic Advisers to address any aspects of your Insurances that may be of concern. Contact us today.

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